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    Canalis KXA, KXB, KXG

    Mobile distribution

    Mobile distribution

    Canalis KXA, KXB, KXG
    • Caraterísticas

      Designed for the electrical distribution to mobile loads
      • Canalis KXA:Conductor in plastic casing, derived by mobile tape-off
      • Canalis KXB:Conductor in an aluminium casing, derived by mobile tap-off
      • Canalis KXG:Steel mounted rail with cables carriers

      General characteristics:
      • Number of live conductors:3 or 4
      • Rated thermal current 50 to 160A
      • Rated insulation voltage:500 V
      • Degree of protection : IP 237
      Mechanical characteristics:
      • Maximum translation speed:
      - straight run:200m/mn
      - curved run:60m/mn
      • Maximum permissible load:4 daN per carrier


      Theinsulating casing, clearance distances and weIl dimensioned creepage distances of the Canalis KXA mean that it can be installed both inside or outside .


      • Travelling cranes,
      • Hangar doors,
      • Conveyor belts,
      • Mobile or portable tools moved around manually,